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My Story

Since 2010 Sanità organized and produced many award winning short-movies, documentaries and music videos including, “Sulla via del Salento” in 2010, “Polvere” in 2011, “Chattiamoci” in 2012 and “Confratelli” in 2015. In additional, he arranged many other projects such as: artistic events, painting exhibitions, book presentations, artistic events, interviews, press conferences and casting for other big cinema productions.
During that time, Sanità started to correspond with Municipal Administrations, Ministry Department of Art and Spectacle and local enterprises. While working with them, he familiarized with the industry of cinema times and dynamics. When He attended college, he studied Cinema, Art and Television. In Rome, he had strong collaborations with many directors, actors and new associations. He also focusing my attention on theatre by organizing several theatrical tours in Roma, Tuscany, Puglia and in the Centre-Italy. (“Oceano,” “Il Puzzle Mancante,” “The Dinner Game” by F.Veber, “Istruzioni per L’uso,” and “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s” by R. Clark). His career’s turning point happened between 2015 and 2016. He worked in Production in the long-movie “Diabolika,” starring actress, Katherine Kelly Lange (better known for her role as “Brooke” in the soap-opera “Beautiful”) and the most recently “Ovunque tu Sarai” (Ita/Esp 2016) and “200 Days” with some of most influential Italian Actors such as Ricky Memphis, Francesco Montanari, Marco Bocci and Giulia Michelini. In late 2016, he moved to London to improve his Cinema and Tv productions studies, working closely with Rivers Picture LTD. A noteworthy production was, “Greating from Virgina” which was directed by I. Pradeshk. In 2017 Sanità joins “Salento Production”.


My Filmography

  • Year Film Title Description
  • 2020 Film: A dog Named Charlie II Production unit in "A dog named Charlie" by H. Begun-Prod LMFilm (UK)
  • 2019 Film: Giallorossi per sempre Producer in "Giallorossi per semper" documentary by L. Manisco- Prod. Andromeda (IT)
  • 2018 Film: Cani da rabbia Production Ass. In "Cani da Rabbia" by D. Torrese - Prod. DriveOne Film (IT)
  • 2017 Film: Greating from Virginia II Ass di produzione in " Greating from Virginia" di D. Thorn - Prod. River Picture (UK)
  • 2016 Film: Il Manoscritto III Ass of production in "The manuscript" of A. Rondalli - Prod RA.MO. (IT)
  • 2015 Film: Ovunque tu sarai Production ass in "Wherever you are" by R. Capucci- Prod. Camaleo (Ita / Esp)
  • 2014 Film: Diabolika "Diabolika" assistant director by F. Dominedo '- Prod Pink Elephant (IT / USA)
  • 2018 Short: Di notte un taxi Producer in "By night a taxi" by L. Manisco - Prod. Andromeda Film (Ita)
  • 2017 Short: Down to luck Producer in " Down to luck" di L.W. Nepp- prod. NoProduction (UK)
  • 2016 Short: Ferrari, Red Passion Production ass. In "Ferrari, Red Passion- The Transfagarasan rally" by E. Milani (It / Rou)
  • 2016 Short: Segreti production ass in "Segreti - WEB Serie" by M. Nicoletta and N. Senni - Prod. DriveOne Film (Ita)
  • 2015 Short: Confratelli Production unit in "Confratelli" by G. Neglia - Prod. Salenzia and Oz Film (Ita)
  • 2014 Short: Un idea Originale Producer in "An original idea" by W. Quarto - Prod. Cineama (ita)
  • 2011 Short: Chattiamoci producer in "Chattiamoci" by G. Neglia - Prod. Salenzia (Ita)
  • 2010 Short: Polvere Production unit in "Polvere" by G. Neglia - prod. Salenzia and omicron Lab (Ita)
  • 2009 Short: Sulla via del Salento Production unit in "On the way to Salento" by G. Neglia - prod. Omicron Labe Salenzia (Ita)
  • 2018 Spot: Salento Productions Producer in several commercials: Castello Monaci, Cantieri Riuniti del Salento, Salento Productions Promo, Salento Guitar Festival by F. D 'Ippolito - Prod. Salento Productions
  • 2018 Spot: Mokaffe' Spot producer "Mokaffe '" by M. De Pandis - independent prod
  • 2014 Spot: L' Amore mio costante Production ass. In "L 'amore mio costante" by G. Neglia - Prod. RosGroup
  • 2012 Spot: Gira lo spot Producer in "Gira lo spot" by G. Neglia - Prod. Mediaset Group and Mantra Tv
  • 2012 Spot: Stalking is a crime Producer in "Stalking is a crime" by G. Neglia - Prod. Salenzia
  • 2010 Spot: Franklyn Production unit in "Franklyn" by R. Lingue - Prod. Salenzia
  • 2017 Teather: Divo Nerone Production ass. In "Divo Nerone- Rock Opera" by G. Landi - Prod. Artisti Associati, ita / uk (16 playes)
  • 2015 Teather: Murder at the Howard Johnson's Producer in "Murder at the Howard Johnson's" by R. Clark - directed by G. Cancelli - Prod. Salenzia, (Eng) (17 plays)
  • 2014 Teather: Istruzioni per l' uso Production ass. In "Instructions for use" by I. Ceci - directed by C. Bonone - prod. Gears, ita (12 plays)
  • 2013 Teather: La cena dei cretini Production ass. In "La cena dei cretini" by F. Veber - directed by G. neglia - Prod. Salenzia Ita (18 plays)
  • 2012 Teather: La vita non esiste Stage Manager in "life does not exist" by G. Zega - directed by G. Zega - Prod. TwPank, Ita (4 plays)
  • 2012 Teather: SalenziArt General coordinator in "SalenziArt" of VVAA- Artistic event in Castri ', prod StandUp & La Civetta Lab and Salenzia
  • 2012 Teather: Onehand Jack Stage manager in "Onehand Jack" by S. Benni - directed by G. Neglia - prod. Salenzia, ita (8plays)
  • 2011 Teather: Il Puzzle mancante Stage Manager in " Il puzzle mancante" di VVAA- regia di G. Neglia - Prod. Salenzia, Ita (13 plays)
  • 2010 Teather: Oceano- un monologo Stage manager in "Oceano- un monologo" by C. Sanita '- directed by G. Neglia - prod. Salenzia, Eng (7 plays)

My Award

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