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Federica D’Ippolito

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My Story

She graduated high school in 2009 and decided to take courses in Cinematography. She attended the Academy of Cinema and Television (ACT) in the Cinecittà Studios, Rome. She specialized as Director of Photography at the Film Rental, “Technovision,” Ciampino (Rome).
She later returned to Lecce to undergo documentary classes organized by, “The Guarimba.” She is well versed in her field of work as a Video Operator, Director of Photography and Director on short and feature films.
She has several experiences on film sets including “Diabolika” by Francesco Maria Dominedò, with Katherine Kelly Lang which was shot in Salento during May and June of 2015. Additionally, she edited the photography on, “Mi Parli di Lei” a film by Giordano Toreti and Filippo D’Antuono which was shot in Rome in 2012.
Federica was also a participant in several festivals for “Black Ulysses” she was awarded in Gallipoli, Trapani, Brindisi and in competing areas such as Latina, Castro, London, Naples and Jersey City.
She’s currently focused on producing commercials and music videos, working on weddings and writing for her upcoming projects.


My Filmography

  • Year Film Title Description
  • 2019 AMARETTO ADRIATICO; FRANCIA Written and directed the creative content of the new product "Amaretto Adriatico", starting with the customer from an idea of ​​communication and then developing audiovisual content.
  • 2018 Salento Productions Director and screenwriter of several commercials made for medium-large companies. I follow the pre-production and production phases: Castello Monaci, Cantieri Riuniti del Salento, Salento Productions Promo
  • 2018 ID-ENTITY - Balerna, Ticino Shooting operator for Digital Media Factory "Id-Entity" (Balerna)
  • 2017 Amalaterra Shooting operator and director of photography in the documentary "Amalaterra" directed by Gabriele Greco and competing at the Berlin Festival 2019
  • 2017 KKERLY, ALLISTE, LECCE Direction and script of the commercials and viral videos of the brand "Kkerly drink". I took care of the different pre, production and post production phases, starting from the script, to the direction of the actors, directing, photography, shooting and finally video and audio editing With the use of advanced software and equipment.
  • 2016 Ideadinamica, s.r.l, Casarano Video direction and editing of the contents of Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists, 2016/2017 and 2019 edition.
  • 2016 ANNUNAKI PRODUCTION, BRINDISI Shooting operator for the teaser "Alien Interferences" directed by Roy Geraci, with photography by Nino Celeste and with the participation of Randall Paul.
  • 2016 Kimera Film e Apulia Film Commission, Taranto Operator and assistant operator of filming on the set of the short film "IACO", directed by Alessandro Zizzo and produced by Kimera Film (Rome) for Apulia Film Commission.
  • 2016 Accademia Togliani, Roma Recording operator and photography assistant on the set of "The Human Machine" directed by Adelmo Togliani.
  • 2015 Southclan Arts, Taranto shooting operator for short film, directed by “Alessandro Zizzo”, of the short film “La Morte del Sarago” (2015)
  • 2015 Idea Dinamica, Casarano As part of the "Stone Trad" project, realization of the video documentation of the conference and the architecture workshop in Zollino, Lecce.
  • 2015 Monotron Shooting operator for video clips "Monotron", directed by Mattia de Pascali winner of several festivals.
  • 2015 Oblivion Production assistant operator, focus puller in the video clip made for DJ Gabry Venus.
  • 2015 Agenzia Reporters Associati, Roma Freelance Photographer, photo shoots with publications in national newspapers (Chi, Novella2000 etc ...)
  • 2015 Salto Quantico produzioni cinematografiche Director of photography and filming operator of the reality show "A wedding for two" for Telenorba, shot on Bari, Brindisi and Lecce
  • 2015 produzione indipendente direct taking of the short film by Alessandro Rovito, for his first work.
  • 2015 Interferenze Aliene Director of photography and shooting operator of Roy Geraci's teaser, "Alien Interferences", drone shooting, video editing and color correction. Shot on Brindisi.
  • 2015 Diabolika Backstage operator, underwater shooting scene photographer and drone operator of the film "DIABOLIKA" of Dominedò / D’Errico, shot in Salento from 20 May to 8 June 2015.
  • 2015 Xylella Report Collaboration for the production of video footage and montages of two episodes of the reportage by Marilù Mastrogiovanni, Xylella Report.
  • 2014 The Return sound engineer and sound designer of the short film "The Return" by Mattia de Pascali, in competition at the YouFilmaker Festival.
  • 2014 la Guarimba Directed by my first documentary "Del Nero Ulisse" presented at "La Guarimba Film Festival" and in competition at "Castro Film Festival" and at "Visioni Corte" in Minturno (Latina), Special mention at the "Barocco Film Festival", Best documentary at "Puglia in Corto", winner of the "Corti e Rights" special prize at the "Cortiamo" festival in Trapani, competing at the "We the People Film Festival" in London, competing at the "Docademia's Festival" in Jersey City (USA) , and competing at "CortoDino" in Naples.
  • 2013 Mama Film srl Audio and video recording of the backstage ▪ Photography assistant ▪ Operator help ▪ Direct sound engineer
  • 2012 “Mi parli di Lei”. Director of photography in the feature film shown in 3 Roman theaters in 2014 entitled "Mi parli di Lei".
  • 2011 Act Multimedia, Cinecittà, Roma ▪ Direction of the short film Mushrooms. ▪ Concept, writing of the subject and screenplay. ▪ Production manager
  • 2011 Act Multimedia, Cinecittà, Roma ▪ Video shooting in the various short films made for ACT Multimedia.
  • 2011 LIFE Audio recording with boom and sound devices of the medium-length film "LIFE" in competition at various festivals.
  • 2010 ACT Multimedia, Cinecittà, Roma ▪ Direction of the short film "There is no Firmament anymore" ▪ Concept and writing of subject and screenplay ▪ Production manager

My Award

  • Year Film Title Award(s)

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